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Announcing our Partner, Google for Entrepreneurs

Today we announced our partnership with Google For Entrepreneurs.

We can’t begin to convey how excited we are to accelerate our journey with GFE by our side. Scarcity of startup capital is one of the biggest challenges facing innovators globally — one we take on every day at Startup Angels. With Google for Entrepreneurs behind us, we have new resources to accelerate the pace and expand the scope of our impact.

Those of you who know Startup Angels are likely familiar with our core beliefs and values. For those of you who don’t, here’s our view of the world:

  • The vast majority of problems / opportunities requiring innovative solutions lie outside of Silicon Valley … the people closest to a problem are often best positioned to solve it.

  • Entrepreneurs are everywhere, but venture capital isn’t — we don’t think you should have to move to get the capital needed to scale your business.

  • There are millions and millions of potential angel investors globally who have not yet explored startup investing … they just need inspiration and information to get started.

  • New technologies and vehicles — like online investment platforms, circles, and syndicates — offer more ways, for more people to invest in startups.

  • Anyone can be a Startup Angel. Even if you don’t have the capital today, you can still invest your time, talents, or network into the companies of tomorrow.

That’s what inspires us daily. And we’re excited to work with GFE to help make more capital available to more entrepreneurs, across the US and around the world.

If you’re not familiar with Google For Entrepreneurs, it’s one of the preeminent organizations powering entrepreneurship on a global scale. Put simply — GFE helps build startup communities.

Over the last several years, GFE has supported tech hubs in dozens of cities, including their own startup community spaces, Google Campus. They’ve helped bring educational workshops and resources like Techstars and Startup Grind to hundreds of communities. They’ve helped entrepreneurship grow everywhere.

Today, Google For Entrepreneurs takes its next major step in this journey by partnering with Startup Angels to grow startup investing globally. This is one of GFE’s early ventures into tackling the angel investor side of the startup community equation, and we’re thrilled they’ve chosen us to be a partner for this important work.

Our mission is to guide aspiring investors into becoming great Startup Angels, in communities across the US and around the world.

Over the next couple of years, we’ll collaborate with GFE to bring our AngelSummits, programs and workshops to more communities, starting with AngelSummit Europe in Dublin, June 9-10, 2016.

Together we’ll prepare more angels to invest (time, talent, capital) in more entrepreneurs worldwide. We hope you’ll join us at a future event and discover startup investing for yourself.

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“The Tech Ladies of Madrid”: Mary Grove, Director of Google Entrepreneurs (2nd from left) and Leslie Jump, CEO of Startup Angels (far right) with Bedy Yang of 500 Startups (far left), Liz Fleming of Spain Startup (center) and Sofia Benjumea of Campus Madrid (center-right) at AngelSummit Madrid, June 2015. 'Mary Grove of Google for Entrepreneurs, with other women tech leaders in Madrid