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Austin: Discover Startup Investing this October

The Startup Angels workshop is heading to Austin this October. If you’ve ever considered startup investing, the workshop is your chance to hear best practices and join a growing network of angel investors around the globe.

On October 19 and 20, Startup Angels and Capital Factory will host a Startup Angels workshop designed for the Austin community. The workshop will offer aspiring angels, current investors, wealth managers, limited partners, and family offices an insider look at best practices and the latest methodologies on startup investing.

“Austin has been ranked the #1 startup metro in the U.S. for multiple years now,” says Joshua Baer of Capital Factory. “We have one of the largest and most active angel investor networks in the country but that’s not enough to capitalize on all of the opportunity being created. Startup talent can only go so far without funding, and we’re confident that there are many more aspiring investors in Austin who simply need to be given a roadmap and get plugged into the network.”

Attendees can expect to walk away with essential insights into the broader investing climate as well as activity in the Austin community. Sessions feature expert speakers who will discuss the principles of startup investing, how to navigate deals, how to manage your involvement with your startups, a breakdown on various investing platforms and opportunities, perspectives from the legal side of investing, and more. Finally, workshop attendees are given the chance to meet other angel investors, expanding their network and opportunity for deal flow.

Speakers for the event include:
Josh Baer, Capital Factory
Tom Brown, Silicon Hills Wealth Management
Doreen Lorenzo, UT Austin, SKU, and Former CEO Frog Design
Shawn Abboud, Angel Investor
Shari Wynne Ressler, SKU Accelerator
Preston James, DivInc and E3 Angels
Claire England, Central Texas Angels Network
Juliana Garaizar, Houston Angels Network
Leslie Jump, Startup Angels CEO and co-founder

The world is changing through the vehicle of tech, and many startups are leading the way with tangible, innovative solutions. Startup investing is a hands-on way to be a part of the future of major industries that are constantly evolving thanks to technology. Learn more and register for the Austin Startup Angels workshop here.