Aminta Ventures Debuts with Startup Angel Investing Workshop

The Startup Angels workshop is heading to Miami to kick off Aminta Ventures‘ work in the community with a startup investing workshop. If you’ve ever considered startup investing, the workshop is your chance to hear best practices and join a growing network of angel investors around the globe.

On February 28 and March 1, Startup Angels and Aminta Ventures will host a Startup Angels workshop designed for the Miami community. The workshop will offer aspiring angels, current investors, wealth managers, limited partners, and family offices an insider look at best practices and the latest methodologies on startup investing. (more…)

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Here’s How Investors Can Help Put the ‘United’ Back Into ‘United States’

Originally published on Entrepreneur on November 18, 2016.

Rarely have we been so divided as a country. This election was a referendum on that divide: rich vs. poor, urban vs. rural, us vs. other. A large segment of the country feels disconnected from the 21st century economy. In today’s digital age, manufacturing jobs have largely left the US, and emerging technologies like driverless vehicles threaten many of the remaining options for blue-collar employment.

In the days and weeks to come scholars and pundits will offer numerous reasons why this happened and how our political prognostication systems so badly missed the mark. As entrepreneurs and members of the global startup community, we need to look ourselves in the mirror and recognize the role we have to play. (more…)

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What Kind of Startup Investor Are You?

Many aspiring startup investors around the world struggle to determine whether they should be startup investors and what role they should play in their startup investing community. While the term ‘angel’ investor is increasingly understood, it’s just one of a dozen roles an investor might have in their startup ecosystem.

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Angels vs VCs: How They Think, Part 2

For those looking to finance their startup, raising money is one of the most daunting tasks they’ll ever face as entrepreneurs. While many understand that angel investors and venture capitalists (VCs) exist, few understand their similarities and differences in order to pitch them effectively. Building upon Part 1 of this series, the following are some key characteristics you should know about these investor types. (more…)

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Angels vs VCs: A Primer on How They Think, Part 1

Understanding investor motivations and mindsets.

Angel money or venture capital? A frequent question many entrepreneurs face when navigating the financing needs of their startup company. The reality is these two investor types think quite differently. Understanding their motivations is imperative if you are to make it through the fundraising minefield and bridge the fiscal valley of death.

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Medellín: A City of Centralized Influence

This is our second post in our Colombia conglomerate / family research series.

Our understanding of Medellín is that the city is reasonably tight-knit, with the majority of businesses influenced by a core group of ‘five families’ that operate behind closed doors. Gathering info on these families proved to be remarkably challenging.

Before we continue further, please note the legend below to help you follow the maps and ownership patterns.

A map of Grupo Sura and Grupo Empresarial Antioqueño in Medellín

The primary entity of the Medellín region is ‘Grupo Empresarial Antioqueño’ (see map below), an unofficial consortium of 125+ companies. This confederation or ‘sindicato’ is comprised of three significant conglomerates that are interconnected with each other: Grupo Sura (insurance), Grupo Nutresa (food and chocolates) and Grupo Argos (cement). This joint ownership across different business entities was created as a way to prevent hostile takeover in past decades, both from outside businesses and from drug traffickers.

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