Reno shaking up its startup investing ecosystem

Startup Angels and the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada will host a startup investor workshop designed for Reno and the greater region. If you’ve ever considered startup investing, the workshop is your chance to hear best practices and join a growing network of angel investors around the globe. (more…)

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What Kind of Startup Investor Are You?

Many aspiring startup investors around the world struggle to determine whether they should be startup investors and what role they should play in their startup investing community. While the term ‘angel’ investor is increasingly understood, it’s just one of a dozen roles an investor might have in their startup ecosystem.

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The 7 Stages of Startup Ecosystems

This is the second part of our interview with Marc Nager of Techstars (read part one here). Marc joined us the other week at AngelSummit Americas in Miami, where he offered a global perspective on startup investing and what communities must do to grow their investor networks.

In part two of our interview, Marc lays out a framework for the 7 stages of startup communities he recognizes around the world. This is a super valuable perspective for everyone who works with startups: whether you’re a community leader, an angel, a corporate executive, or a founder…consider this framework carefully and think through what’s needed to grow your city to the next level.

Over the coming year, Marc and the Techstars team will be expanding on their startup ecosystems framework with the purpose of creating additional resources and perspectives for startup communities of all shapes and sizes. But here’s your sneak peak. (more…)

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Brazil: A Playground for Investors, Entrepreneurs and Super Gringoes

According to mainstream fear media, Brazil is a hotbed of viruses:

Waterbourne viruses in Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro, where Olympic athletes are expected to compete this summer;

Zika viruses in mosquitoes stinging expectant mothers and causing birth defects in their babies;

A social media viral campaign infecting 3.2 million citizens who flooded the streets of São Paulo in mid-March, demanding the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff because of her involvement in the “car wash scandal“… (more…)

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The Lean Angel Workshop

Startup Angels is unveiling its newest resource for aspiring startup investors around the world: the Lean Angel Workshop.

Developed under the guidance of Brad Feld, the Lean Angel Workshop is a fresh approach to learning how to invest in startups. It’s designed with the modern investor in mind. From direct investments to online syndicates to crowdfunding platforms, these workshops help attendees understand and choose the startup investing approach that’s best for each individual. It equips everyone from new angels to wealth management professionals with the latest strategies, tools and tactics to hit the ground running as new startup investors. (more…)

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Investor Q&A: Janet Bannister

Janet Bannister is a General Partner at the early-stage Canadian VC firm, Real Ventures. Previously, she founded a startup, headed a consulting firm, and had positions at eBay, Proctor & Gamble, and other notable companies. Below, she talks to us about her transition from being an entrepreneur to being an investor.

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