5 Unusual Birthplaces of Billion-Dollar Companies

With the growth of global alternatives to Silicon Valley and New York, etc, certain commonalities crop up as markers of entrepreneurial potential. What are the common denominators between some of today’s most promising, yet overlooked, countries? This piece, and several more to follow, will explore this question by highlighting major success stories that come from some surprising locations. (more…)

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Prioritizing markets: How we picked our launch list

We launched Startup Angels with a dozen market profiles, representing cities and regions across the world. If you don’t see your market, rest assured we’re likely working on it already. But to speed up the process, we could really use your help: please contact us if you’re willing to be interviewed or offer thoughts on your market.

Determining which markets to launch with was a challenge — there are at least 50 markets that made our “top” list, and another 50 that were strong contenders with interesting startup scenes that need to be explored. The initial list of cities was chosen in part due to their notable levels of startup activity and in part due to ready sources of reliable data. We also tried to select at least a couple cities from each region around the world … because entrepreneurship is global. There are another few dozen markets of equal importance that will be coming online soon. The ones you see today are just the beginning. (more…)

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Our Market Profiles

We anticipate many of you are wondering how we researched and curated these market profiles. Startup investing analytics is a new field, and what exists for the public equities markets doesn’t readily translate here. We’re charting new territory, and to be sure, it’s a tremendous undertaking that requires great focus and attention to detail.

Through our research and market profiles, we hope to understand and convey each market from the perspective of a potential investor. We try to add context to each detail we mention, in order to help you understand why a certain fact or entity is important. Our ultimate goal is not only to be thorough, but to be objective. We want you to decide how to interpret each market according to your own priorities and investment strategies. We hope what you discover sparks your interest, your excitement, and your desire to get involved. (more…)

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