Startup Rising: Colombia

This post was originally published here and was co-written with Chris Schroeder, Venture Investor, Internet CEO and Author.

How often in investment history do you see this? A country with the 3rd largest population among its geographic peers; a well educated, growing middle class; and the fastest growing economy in its region. Mobile penetration is fast approaching 100% and two-thirds of the country will have broadband connection within three years. Most travel surveys put one of its leading cities among the top 20 places to visit. (more…)

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Big Potential in Little Rock

You can be forgiven for thinking that angel investing is a coastal phenomenon. As we’ve observed, the Bay Area still receives as much as 40 percent of the country’s venture capital, with Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego and Seattle collectively receiving around another 34 percent. So where does this leave the rest of the country? Have politicians been wrong in touting small town “Main Street” as the beating heart of America’s economy? (more…)

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5 Unusual Birthplaces of Billion-Dollar Companies

With the growth of global alternatives to Silicon Valley and New York, etc, certain commonalities crop up as markers of entrepreneurial potential. What are the common denominators between some of today’s most promising, yet overlooked, countries? This piece, and several more to follow, will explore this question by highlighting major success stories that come from some surprising locations. (more…)

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