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Announcing Our First-Ever Angel Investor Workshop for the Chesapeake Crescent Region

The Startup Angels workshop is heading to Chesapeake Crescent. If you’ve ever considered startup investing, the workshop is your chance to hear best practices and join a growing network of angel investors around the globe.

On August 18 and 19, Startup Angels and Startup Maryland will host a Startup Angels workshop designed for the Chesapeake Crescent community (the startup community surrounding the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, DC and Virginia). The workshop will offer aspiring angels an insider look into best practices and the latest methodologies to begin their investing journeys.

“The Chesapeake Crescent region is teeming with a diversity of industry sectors almost unmatched in the U.S. Combining a dynamic community of active and sideline angels together with a stable foundation of startup resources and you have the makings of a deal flow powerhouse,” says Michael Binko, Founder and CEO of Startup Maryland. “A driver of the broader Mid-Atlantic region, Maryland is poised to be the center of perhaps the most vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country.”

The workshop aims to provide attendees with essential insights into the broader investing climate as well as activity in in the Chesapeake Crescent region. Sessions feature expert speakers who will discuss the principles of startup investing, how to navigate deals, how to manage your involvement with your startups, a breakdown on various investing platforms and opportunities, perspectives from the legal side of investing, and more. Finally, workshop attendees are given the chance to meet other angel investors, expanding their network and opportunity for deal flow.

“Through our work, we’ve learned that there’s demand for information about startup investing across the globe,” says Leslie Jump, founder and CEO of Startup Angels. In response, we created the Startup Angels workshop to support the specific challenges and opportunities that different communities have when it comes to inspiring and educating local investors. We’re looking forward to being the catalyst for more startup angel investors in the Chesapeake Crescent region– a natural community for more angel investors due to its strong startup roots. As a Maryland native, I’m particularly excited to contribute to the growth of this vibrant community in my hometown.

Speakers and experts for the event include:
Mike Binko of Startup Maryland
Tami Howie, Executive Director at Chesapeake Regional Tech Council
Bruce McIndoe, CEO of iJet International
Leslie Jump, CEO and Founder of Startup Angels
Frank Bonsal III, Director of Entrepreneurship and Townson University

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Register for the workshop today or check out our other events here.