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The Lean Angel Workshop

Startup Angels is unveiling its newest resource for aspiring startup investors around the world: the Lean Angel Workshop.

Developed under the guidance of Brad Feld, the Lean Angel Workshop is a fresh approach to learning how to invest in startups. It’s designed with the modern investor in mind. From direct investments to online syndicates to crowdfunding platforms, these workshops help attendees understand and choose the startup investing approach that’s best for each individual. It equips everyone from new angels to wealth management professionals with the latest strategies, tools and tactics to hit the ground running as new startup investors.

Gone are the days of dry presentations that bore potential angels to death and discourage them from becoming startup investors. No longer must you worry that an investor workshop will churn out more country club angels, who waste everyone’s time and never write checks. Finally, there’s a workshop that informs. That inspires. That’s fun. And that will change the world of early-stage startup investing

The Lean Angel Workshop is the future.

Angel investment panel in Chattanooga, TN

    Who are the workshops for?

  • Business owners
  • Tech entrepreneurs
  • Corporate executives
  • Wealth Managers
  • Consultants
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Engineers
  • Anyone with the assets to invest in startups and the desire to get started

    What do the workshops cover?

  • The role of startups in your investment portfolio
  • How to build a startup portfolio
  • How to evaluate and choose startups
  • Online vs offline investing
  • Your startup investor persona
  • Deal terms and nuances you must know
  • Adding value beyond the check
  • How to avoid being a terrible angel
  • And much more.

The Lean Angel Workshops leverage years of experience and research into what aspiring startup investors need. The programs are modular — which means they can be conducted in a manner and pacing that suits every community and the mindset / availability of its investors. Each workshop will closely integrate with its local startup community to ensure attendees gain tangible experience and connections.

    The workshop will debut during AngelSummit Americas in Miami, April 14-15 2016 before expanding across the United States and around the world. Future workshop locations include:

  • Denver (May 18-20, 2016)
  • Dublin (June 8-9, 2016)
  • Annapolis (August 18-19 2016)
  • Chicago (September 27-28 2016)
  • Telluride (Fall 2016)
  • NYC (Fall 2016)
  • And 10+ other locations we’re finalizing for 2016.

We plan to scale this workshop to every community that wants it around the world. If you’d like to bring the Lean Angel Workshop to your city, contact us to start the conversation.

Attend a workshop in your city and discover startup investing with Startup Angels.

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