What We Think

The Indexer.

You’ve got the financial resources to make an impact, but lack the time or appetite to really dive into startup investing. Startup Indexes are just your style. While on the bleeding edge of investment vehicles (you’ll see a lot more startup indexes in the coming years), they offer you a ton of portfolio diversity and require little time and expertise. All this at a low price point. Talk to Startup Angels to better understand where you fit in.

Typical Net Worth: $500k+ (Bearing in mind accreditation requirements)

Primary Strengths?

You’re a busy person with little spare time, so you know how to make your resources count. Financially, you’re well-positioned in your investing journey to benefit from the diversity that a startup ‘index’ can provide. Investors like yourself can make a real impact with their resources.

New to this?

Check out resources like GAN, CircleUp or Techstars which have funds that essentially offer an ‘index’ of all of their startups, or attend a Startup Angels workshop to learn more.

Mack Kolarich Co-Founder at Startup Angels

“Many investors want access to startups but don’t have the time or expertise to navigate the current entrepreneurial world. Indexes of startups — by industry, geography, or a variety of other possible lenses — are an emerging opportunity that is exciting for millions of likeminded investors around the world. The ‘Indexers’ are poised to revolutionize startup investing.”

Other investor personas

The Enthusiast

You’re interested in startups, but you’ve got a ways to go before you’re ready to be an angel. Brush up on your startup experience or investable assets first, and you’ll be well suited to make a difference. Get more involved in your local startup community by attending an area Startup Weekend or meetup. With time, you’ll develop your expertise and ability to contribute more.

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The Mentor

You might not be ready to invest your cash, but you have time and expertise to spare. You’re every startup’s wise Uncle / Aunt, ‘The Mentor’. Of course, startups need more than just cash and that’s where you come in. Dedicate some time to an area accelerator, startup event, or aspiring entrepreneur to help them overcome their challenges. You’ll be a savior.

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The Crowdfunder

You’re willing to place enough cash to get in the door: You’re ‘The Crowdfunder’. Equity crowdfunding platforms are on the rise and make it easy to support startups at low price points. It can take a lot of time to filter and choose the right startups for yourself, but we think you’re up to it. Ain’t no shame in playin’ that game.

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The Syndicator

You’ve got enough expertise and cash to invest, but may lack the risk appetite or necessary resources to do direct angel investments. You’re ‘The (online) Syndicator!’ Head on over to CircleUp, AngelList, or another platform of choice and peruse the different opportunities you might back — their minimum investments are within your fiscal wheelhouse and you’ll be able to diversify your portfolio. It’ll take some time and perspective to choose, but you’re legit enough to choose wisely. Go back some startups with gusto!

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The Passive Angel

You’ve got the cash, but you might not have the time, interest, or expertise to dive into the deeper worlds of startup investing. So being a passive angel is just fine! You’re a perennial asset to the entrepreneur as you help fill out their rounds and diversify their resources. You may offer advice or assistance to a startup here or there, but you’re unlikely to meddle and are content to be along for the ride.

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The Lead Angel

You’re everybody’s best friend — the Lead Angel! Your startups know exactly what to say when they’re asked ‘Do you have a lead?’ Plus you offer so much more: you’re willing to roll up your sleeves to dive into a deal, conduct due diligence, kick off a round and fight alongside the entrepreneur. Thanks for blazing trails for the rest of us.

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The Super Angel

You’ve got some cash in your pocket and it’s happy to see some startups! Elusive yet famous, you’re ‘The Super Angel.’ Earning your attention is like a surprise inheritance from a long-lost-cousin. You have the expertise and monetary clout to lead rounds, close rounds, or straight up just take rounds. And you do it too. But you’re most likely a collector — your founders may struggle to reach you, as you’ve invested in so many deals and have so many pending that you have little time for much else. That’s ok!

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The LP

When you walk into a room of venture capitalists, their eyes light up; you’re ‘The LP!’ You’ve got some deep pockets for the startup asset class, but you lack the time and interest to dive into the chaos of angel investing (it really is A LOT of work). By backing venture funds, you can diversify your portfolio and dedicate your time elsewhere — whether that’s skiing the slopes or Carl Icahn-ing your next vision.

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Mr. Value

Maybe startups just aren’t your thing. You strike us as rather conservative….which is the exact opposite of the realm of startups. Consider sticking to more predictable alternative assets, you’ll sleep much better than the rest of us!

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The Angel Grouper

You’ve got an eye to socialize with like-minded individuals…you’re an Angel Grouper! Angel Groups are an excellent route for angels who want some social vetting and reinforcement of the deals they consider. Look to join one near you. You’ll meet many other awesome people who will help you offload some of your due diligence and (at least mentally) mitigate some risk.

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