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Aminta Ventures Debuts with Startup Angel Investing Workshop

The Startup Angels workshop is heading to Miami to kick off Aminta Ventures‘ work in the community with a startup investing workshop. If you’ve ever considered startup investing, the workshop is your chance to hear best practices and join a growing network of angel investors around the globe.

On February 28 and March 1, Startup Angels and Aminta Ventures will host a Startup Angels workshop designed for the Miami community. The workshop will offer aspiring angels, current investors, wealth managers, limited partners, and family offices an insider look at best practices and the latest methodologies on startup investing.

The Aminta Ventures team is a new coalition of local female business leaders passionate about harnessing the acumen, experience, and proven community impact of women in South Florida toward playing a more central role in the development of its entrepreneurship community.

“Women make up only about 25% of angel investors in general, and statistics show that investors still favor male founders over their female counterparts,“ says Alia Mahmoud of Aminta. “Despite this, it’s been found that businesses with the most females outperform those with less. 42% show a greater return on sales, 53% have a better return on equity, and 66% boast a greater return on invested capital, according to a report by Catalyst.”

Aminta Ventures recognizes the opportunity presented by this gap. By reducing the barriers to entry for investing, the organization envisions a new wave of female angel investors that will ultimately help to shape a more diverse — and stronger — ecosystem. “Given the powerful role that women play in leading a myriad of business, philanthropic, and community efforts in our city, it is a natural extension to think of them playing a strong role in the progress of our entrepreneurship and innovation sector,” explains Natalia Martinez-Kalinina of Aminta. “Currently, we don’t necessarily see much parity reflected in the makeup of our local investor network so our intention is to capacitate and shepherd more women to throw their hat in the ring and join the existing momentum.”

The workshop will be held at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Miami. In addition, Northern Trust will host the keynote talk as well as a reception for the programming. “Northern Trust fully recognizes the talents that women bring to the business and investment world,” says Alex Adams, Senior Market Executive of Miami Dade. “We are delighted to be the sponsor of a workshop designed to educate and support women looking for expert advice on how to put their entrepreneurial spirit and skills to work in the south Florida community.”

Attendees can expect to walk away with essential insights into the broader investing climate as well as activity in the Miami community. Sessions feature expert speakers who will discuss the principles of startup investing, how to navigate deals, how to manage your involvement with your startups, a breakdown on various investing platforms and opportunities, perspectives from the legal side of investing, and more. Finally, workshop attendees are given the chance to meet other angel investors, expanding their network and opportunity for deal flow.

“Miami is poised to expand its pool of investors by breaking down barriers for more women to participate,” says Leslie Jump, founder and CEO of Startup Angels. “Our team is thrilled to co-produce Aminta’s first program, designed to catalyze the South Florida investing community.”

Building on momentum from the initial workshop, the Aminta team plans to expand efforts and develop a support network for mentorship and guidance for angel investors and female-founded startups. Guided by the intent to create a growing pipeline, they plan to partner with existing angel groups and investor networks in the city and the state and collaborate around ongoing programming efforts.

Speakers for the event include:
Loretta McCarthy, Golden Seeds
Jaclyn Baumgarten, Boatsetter
Dr. Pandwe Gibson, EcoTech Visions
Melissa Krinzman, Krillion Ventures
Mary Anderson, GlamST
Brian Garr, Cognitive Code
Joy Randels, New Market Accelerator
Leslie Jump, Startup Angels

Learn more and register for the Miami Startup Angels workshop here.